How do I mix Tailwind?
Pour 1-2 scoops (each scoop is 27 grams) into a bottle (500-600 ml) for less than 2 hour workouts or 2-3 scoops for longer grunts. Shake with cold water and go!

Start with 100-200 calories per hour (1-2 scoops) for shorter or less intense workouts and 200-300 calories per hour (2-3 scoops) for endurance workouts or races. Adjust these up or down as required.

Example: 6 hour Endurance event, 1200-1800 calories required on average (depending on your size and weight) – this equals 12-18 scoops or 2-3 scoops per hour. The latest hydration research tells us to consume 500 ml per hour during exercise..and to drink to thirst.

Tailwind can be pre-mixed up to 3 days before use…. just shake prior to consumption.

Can I add/reduce the measure required?
Absolutely. In fact we encourage you to experiment and test to see what works for you. That is the only way you will get the most out of your event and Tailwind. However, please bear in mind that the maximum our stomach can digest per hour during exercise is between 200 and 300 calories.

Here’s what some say about Tailwind and how they mix it:

  • “Try mixing some of the Naked with some of the other flavours! When it’s hotter I like 2 scoops Naked to 1 scoop Berry or Orange. Or mix green/camomile/peppermint tea with Naked to create a relaxed and refreshing taste.”
  • “For marathons I mix 4 scoops of Tailwind with 600ml of water and carry it with me in a bottle, and then just supplement with water from aid stations as needed.”
  • “The biggest thing I’ve learned with Tailwind is to allow it to be flexible. When the day gets superhot, I change to about 150 cal/700ml water rather than my regular 250 cal/700 ml. That way I can consume more water and stay on top of my hydration while still getting the caloric intake. Tailwind gives you so much flexibility that you’re able to adjust for race conditions. You just have to trust the product. I do the reverse in cold conditions, with a stronger mix of about 400cal/700ml because I drink less often.”
  • “When performing high intensity training sessions, I mix Tailwind into a “Gel” like substance in small bottles and sip regularly throughout the session.”