Racing Tips

Eat a substantial breakfast 2+ hours before your event with carbs, fat, and some protein.
Sip Tailwind before the start to top off glycogen stores and electrolyte levels. Pre-load with up to a full bottle if drinking during your event will be hard.
Sip regularly during the event and keep your hourly calorie target in mind.
Tailwind is excellent to rebuild glycogen stores during the critical window for recovery immediately post-exercise.
After rebuilding glycogen stores, have a nice meal with protein for faster recovery.

Work on time and not distance. work on 200 calories of intake per hour, ie.for a road marathon, and you are aiming at a 4 hour race to avoid, having to mix mid-race mix 4 stickpacks or 8 scoops in a 500ml bottle and mix with a little water to form a concentrate.

This is a very strong mix – take a mouthful of before each water station and then wash down with water to meet thirst.