Why do Tailwind products contain so much sugar?

You’ve probably reached the point about an hour into your exercise where you feel like you have nothing left in the tank – and that’s basically true!

Your body stores energy in the form of glycogen (sugar) and has enough to get you through about an hour of exercise. Once it runs out, your blood sugar plummets and you bonk hard. To avoid the crash, you need to put sugar back into your bloodstream.

Our products contain simple sugars (dextrose and sucrose) as our primary ingredients. Simple sugars go straight into your bloodstream to replenish glycogen stores and prevent you from crashing or having an upset stomach during or after exercise.

Many exercise fuel and recovery products contain maltodextrin, a long chain of glucose molecules, which need to be broken down into individual glucose molecules before being absorbed by the small intestine. This takes longer than you would expect and causes GI distress for a lot of athletes. Your body runs on glucose so that’s what Tailwind provides.